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Thyroid Management Diet Plan

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Thyroid management in 90 days for just Rs. 7000

One of the most common diseases occurring worldwide is thyroid. Thyroid disorders affect the thyroid gland located at the front of the neck. These glands produce thyroid hormones that travel through the blood to help in regulating many other organs. The problem must be treated immediately otherwise it may lead to life-threatening cancer.


Common types of Thyroid disorders


There are two types of thyroid disorders –



  • Type 1 – Hypo Thyroiditis – the condition occurs when the thyroid releases lower thyroid hormones into the bloodstream than it would have been in normal condition. This results in slowing down of body functions and one feels fatigued, skin gets dried up, concentration breaks feels cold. Other problems are – constipation, infertility, depression, irregular menstrual cycle, hair loss etc.




  • Type 2 – Hyper Thyroiditis- in this disorder, overactive thyroid glands releases too much of thyroid hormones which increases the rate of the body functions. The conditions experienced in this disorder are – tremor, nervousness, fast heart rate, fatigue, increase in bowel movements, unintentional weight loss etc.



Managing thyroid disorders in 90 days

Dt. Ankita Gupta Sehgal will review your current Thyroid levels and try and induce food which would help you keep the Thyroid Levels in your body to a lower accepted figures.  Weekly plans along with proper follow up will help you live stress free.

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