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Nutrition Counselling Session

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Nutrition Counselling Session at Just Rs. 500

Initially, One-To-One nutrition counselling session will be planned. Dietitian Ankita Gupta Sehgal hears out their client’s problems patiently and recommends specific changed which can be made to their current meal plan accordingly. Such diet plans align with the individual’s body structure, shape, requirements and lifestyle.

I work together with the client to assess the current eating habits and make changes in the diet pattern. An individual suffering from serious or chronic health ailments can benefit from a my diet recommendations. 


Common health issues from unhealthy lifestyles


  1. Heart disease,
  2. High blood pressure,
  3. PCOD / PCOS
  4. High cholesterol,
  5. Allergies,
  6. Diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions,
  7. Irritable bowel syndrome,
  8. Celiac disease,
  9. Obesity or overweight.


5 steps recommended at Initial stages of nutrition counselling


Step 1: Dietary habits & Medical Issues are assessed

The first and foremost step begins with assessing an individual’s food intake. I ask questions relating to the foods and beverages taken by the individual in daily routine. The question would be about the servings of dairy products, fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals, consumed by him/her in a day/week/month. The questionnaire helps in judging the eating pattern of the person which in turn helps to analyse the actual energy and nutrient intake.


Step 2: Bodyweight is assessed

An individual’s body weight is assessed as per his/her height. As per BMI (body mass index), 2-0 -25 is considered as the normal weight, BMI less than 20 is underweight and more than 25 is overweight.


Step 3: Changes needed are Identified

Many people start their own diet but the nutritionist is the best person who can plan your diet without any health effects. The diet may be easier in the first few weeks and gradually some additions are made which may be more difficult in the coming weeks.


Step 4: Changes suggested in the diet must be maintained

The main challenge lies in continuing the diet for a longer period of time. For this self-monitoring, realistic expectations and continued follow-ups will help a person to maintain dietary changes.


If you wish you take monthly or quarterly diet plans package, the same would be adjusted.

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