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Gout / Uric Acid Diet Councel

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Uric Acid Gout – 90 days correction plan – Rs. 7500 for 3 Months

Gout or uric acid arthropathy is a condition where a single joint is attacked at a time. The common symptom noticed is swelling of big toes and patients experience throbbing pain. The toe is painful to touch and a simple walk around the room becomes painful.

Cause of Uric Acid Gout
Uric acid is a by-product of the body’s metabolism which is usually flushed out through urination. When uric acid accumulates in the blood, the concentration is so high that uric acid starts settling in the joints and sometimes in the skin.

Types of Gout

1. Primary hyperuricemia and Gout – an increased level of uric acid in the blood caused by a hereditary abnormality in the system. In this condition, the nucleic acid is changed to uric acid as the body is unable to excrete uric acid faster.

2. Secondary hyperuricemia and Gout – this condition occurs due to the consumption of certain medicines like aspirins. The body produces a large amount of uric acid which the kidneys cannot keep up.

90 days correction plan for Uric Acid Gout Patients
Gout can be controlled through medication and adapting some changes in lifestyle and your regular diet.
Along with the suggested dietary changed, you need to make a habit of the below rules –

1. Workouts on a regular basis not only maintains your body paperweight but also keeps your uric acid level low. A study has proved that if you walk for 5 miles daily it will reduce your gout risk by 50%.
2. Your body loses water through rigorous exercise or sweating. So, you must stay hydrated by drinking lots of water so that your body will be able to flush out excess uric acid through urination.
3. Alcohol triggers gout and so you must not consume if suffering from gout. The body prioritizes removing alcohol over uric acid allowing uric acid to accumulate and form crystals
4. Try and take vitamin C supplements which may help in lowering uric acid in the urine

Following a 90-days-correction plan with proper counselling from Dietitian Ankita Gupta Sehgal will help you to get rid of the severe pain you have to bear in your toes and joints due to gout.

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