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Tandoori chicken is a world-famous dish that provides an enhancing taste when mixed with Indian spices. Also, studies have shown that there are several benefits one can get from eating tandoori chicken. Thus, from now onwards, you don't have to segregate yourself from the tangy and flavoured tandoori Chicken
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Ever wondered what’s so much fuss your mom makes about eating healthy food? It’s a well-proven fact that a healthy diet is crucial for growth. But is it the only thing that it does? The answer is No, as food also builds your immune system. In another way, you don’t 
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Recently I read news where the newspaper mentioned “why the women-led nation are doing better with Covid-19 virus?” Although I don’t want to get into the gender debate, the argument presented in the article was very much convincing. There have been many such inspiring stories where women achieved a great 
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“You can sneeze with your eyes open” and “You can eat more but still lose weight!”, One of the sentences is true. Yes, the only clear winner here is the second one. The essence of the sentence feels oxymoronic but when you study the dynamics of the human body, it 
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Internet is filled with types of Diet, Which of them should you be following, what are pros and cons of various diets . Know it all here....
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Ankita lives in Delhi with her husband and 3 year old son. She is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Dietitian, and a Food Technologist receiving certification from Pines, Australia.With experience of over 12 years and 10000+ clients, Ankita is currently one of the top rated dietitians in Delhi NCR

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